Sunday, April 12, 2009

limestone sentinals

limestone outcrops in port waikato hinterland


  1. Nice photo.
    That paddock with the limestone bluffs is called "Joe's Hundred Acres" and got its name long before I was born in 1952 so unfortunately I do not know who Joe was. My family farmed this property "Flandria" since the late 1800s. We had to sell it to pay death duties of $100,000 after my Dad (Maurits Cornille) passed away, aged 53, in 1975. "Flandria" was subdivided from the farm known as "Kwinta" (after a family farm in Flanders Belgium), my Uncle Wilfried farming the remaining "Kwinta" immediately south of "Flandria". It is my turangawaewae.
    Veronique Cornille

  2. Thanks Veronique, I can see why you feel so connected to that place!